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Wireless Identification

SARTag is a wireless device that may assist in identifying the location of a missing individual, pet or high value asset.

SARTag is a radio frequency Identification device that is world compliant enabling consistent operation across ISM frequencies of Canada, America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa

This Technology possess capabilities that can greatly increase several aspects in locating a missing person or pet. With over millions of Radio Frequency ID tags deployed in the market today, SARTag is very affordable and offers peace of mind for parents and caregivers.
Also available for most:
Vehicles, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Golf Bags,
Sports Bags, Backpacks, Purses,
GPS Systems as Last Mile location,
Recreational Vehicles, Trailers

Wireless Identification

SARTag offers peace of mind and a new comfort level that your family, pet or high value assets have additional protection in the event that they need to be located. SARTag is a transmitter that may assist
in locating a missing person, pet, or high value asset.

SARTag uses world compliant radio frequency 
identification technology that is always on and ready.
It’s a digital finger print that is unique to every unit. that only Wireless Protect can identify.

SARTag increases the chances of locating a lost individual or asset, easy to carry with it’s small coin size design (35mm diameter) and can be hidden in a pocket or backpack.  

SARTag is battery powered and can last up to 3 years, so you never need to charge batteries.  Battery is replaceable and uses a standard 3V coin battery.

SARTag is very affordable and with no monitoring fees you can now protect your whole family including most pets and assets


In the event of a missing/lost individual, pet or asset, our identification team will work with you in locating the SARTag signal ( For individuals and most assets we will require a police incident number to confirm the details).  It’s important that your client
card number is supplied as it identifies the SARTag
ID digital finger print (NOTE: Without the client card number Wireless Protect Inc. will not be able to locate the SARTag signal.)

Once all information has been confirmed, Wireless Protect will proceed to launch a search within a defined area of interest.  Once the SARTag signal is received by the Wireless Identification Equipment, we will be able to locate the SARTag device.

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  • No Monitoring Fees
  • 3 Year Battery Life (included) – Battery is Replaceable 3V, one (1) CR2450
  • Wireless Identification Technology
  • Weather Resistant for most applications
  • Unique digital identification number
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • Always On Technology
  • ISM approved radio frequencies
  • Available for most People, Pets, Vehicles and Assets


  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Working Temperature: -25 to +70 deg
  • Dim: 35mm diam x 10mm thick
  • Work Mode:Active (always on)
  • Platform: ISM Radio Frequency Identification (Not GPS)


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