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The Best way to stop theft is to deter it with -
Wireless Protect's Covert System

Wireless Protect for Vehicles

The foundation of the Wireless Protect system is to create the highest risk factor for would-be thieves, resulting in one of the best Wireless Identification and Theft Deterrent Systems on the market today.
A thief can never be certain of the covert locations of the WP units (s) installed within the asset. With our wireless application the risk factor and uncertainty of being caught is too high for a criminal.

Wireless Protect for Mobile Phones
Combat The Sale of Stolen Mobile Phones

Our Wireless Identification Tag can be tracked back to it’s owner using the unique ID contained in our wireless tag. The unique wireless number is registered on our dealer database together with your mobile phone’s IMEI number.

If your mobile phone is stolen or lost, the registered information will assist in blocking your mobile phone from being activated or used on your carrier’s network ( please note a police report will be required—carrier dependant and additional information may be requested).

Wireless Protect for all Assets

The Wireless Protect system is so versatile it will work on almost any type of high value asset or product.

Protect all your valuable Assets - Wireless Protect is available for most: Vehicles, Motorcycles, Recreational Vehicles, Boats, Jet ski's, Ski Do's, Tires and Rimsand so much more... 

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