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Q - Is SARTag a GPS device? How does the SARTag work?
A - No, SARTag uses radio frequency Identification (RFID) technology and works on the ISM Frequency bands which are approved worldwide.  SARTags are always on and don't require any activation.
Both Tags and identification tracking system transmit and receive radio identification signals. In identification mode our system monitors the strength of signal when received by the SARTag.  The strength of the signal allows our identification team to locate the SARTag.

Q - How many family members or pets can I protect ?
A- One (1) SARTag can offer identification protection for one (1) person or pet. There is no limit to the number of SARTags you may purchase

Q - What range does the SARTag system have?
A – SARTag has a range of up to 250m / 820 feet.   This is based upon an outdoor open air application with clear line of sight. In certain environments you can find items over a greater distance however any obstacles such as homes, buildings, trees, walls, floors and other people will reduce the maximum range proportionately.

Q - What do I do if my pet is missing?
A –You must contact us with your client card number so we will be able to identify your file and details.  Once we have confirmed the information, we will proceed to send our identification monitoring team to locate the SARTag.  So long as the SARTag is in range of our identification system we will be able to pick up its signal.

Q - Are you able to locate and identify SARTags through obstacles such as fences or walls?
A - Yes, however the range will be reduced. Actual range will vary depending on what’s between the SARTag and our identification monitoring system.

Q - Are there any recovery fees for locating pets?
A - Yes, depending on the area of search required. For Example, the fee to locate a lost or missing pet in the city of Toronto is $180.00. Currently SARTag for Pets is only available in Ontario, Canada. Please contact us for more details as pricing and details is subject to change without notice. 

Q - Are there any recovery fees for locating a missing person?
A - No, there are no fees for locating a missing person. You must contact local Police services with your emergency and provide Wireless Protect Inc. with the Police Incident number and client card No. Please contact us for more details as SARTag is only available in Ontario, Canada.

Q - How do I attach a SARTag to a person or pet?
A – SARTag is a small coin size device that is 35mm in diameter and 10mm in thickness with a small string hole opening that can easily be attached to a key ring or lanyard.  SARTag is light enough to be kept in a coat or backpack pocket.
 Q - Will SARTags owned by other people affect my SARTag?
A - No. Each Tag has a unique digital identification number registered to our system.  It's like having a digital finger print that can only identify one person or pet.

Q- Are the SARTags weather resistant?
A- Yes, the SARTag shell is weather resistant but not waterproof. Any type of liquid damage will void the warranty.

Q: Are there any monthly or annual monitoring fees?
A: No. There are no monitoring fees for SARTag.

Q: How long is the warranty?
A: We provide one (1) year warranty under normal usage. Contact us for further details and we will assist with the warranty process.

Q: What coverage areas does the SARTag work in?

A: SARTag uses ISM frequencies and will work in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.  Currently the SARTag identification team is available in Ontario, Canada. Under special circumstances, we will work together with law enforcement agencies to aid in locating a missing person outside of our coverage area.